Custom Pendant Design

Handmade Pendants from a Master Jeweler

PendantsPendants can function as major fashion statements. They can also help diversify a wardrobe, as you can wear pendant necklaces across a variety of outfits. A pendant can also serve as an excellent gift. Available in an array of types, pendants, like all fine jewelry, benefit from the touch of a master jeweler. Whether you want a locket to hold an important memento, a religious symbol, or a fashion statement piece, pendants can fulfill a myriad of roles. For the finest, custom-made pendants in Fort Worth, TX, choose Lisa McConnell Design Studio.

In addition to jeweled pendants that serve as spectacular fashion pieces, there exist a variety of different types of this versatile ornament. For example, certain types of pendants, amulets and talismans, are worn in the belief that they confer special benefits, or defend the wearer from harm. The aforementioned locket opens to reveal a space for the storage of a special item, typically a photo or lock of hair. Medallions, generally coin-shaped pendants, can bear inscriptions, and frequently serve as awards or marks of distinction. Regardless of the type or function of your desired pendant, you can trust in the design sensibilities and artistry of Lisa McConnell. To learn more, give us a call anytime at 817-732-4440.

How to Wear a Pendant

A pendant can work with a variety of outfits. You can instantly elevate a casual ensemble, as a jeweled pendant can make even scruffy jeans and a worn t-shirt appear chic. A pendant can add a touch of class or color to a business outfit, and even function as a showstopper statement piece for a formal dress. There do exist a few important rules to wear pendants correctly, however. 

  • Avoid Big Earrings
  • Use Adjustable Chains for Versatility
  • Avoid Halter Tops
  • Do Not Wear Additional Necklaces
  • Pair with Crewcuts, Turtlenecks, and Some Collared Shirts

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For jewelry you can treasure for a lifetime, choose custom work from Lisa McConnell Design Studio. We make one-of-a-kind creations of unparalleled quality, and have a passion for realizing the visions of our clients. We can work with as much or as little as you give us, and leave you with an original piece that’s truly your own. We also offer a showcase selection of readymade pieces, all of which benefit from Lisa’s keen eye, attention to detail, and exquisite design sensibility. To learn more or discuss a project for the design of pendants in Fort Worth, TX, call us today at 817-732-4440.