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It’s common to wonder, especially in the flush of excitement that infuses a new relationship, when jewelry makes for an appropriate gift. After all, jewelry can both figuratively and literally solidify a relationship and elevate it to the next level. At the same time, expensive gifts like jewelry that arrive too soon can send a romantic partner packing. Whereas gifts like engagement rings should clearly not arrive out of the blue, when can you safely gift a necklace or bracelet, without the fear of moving too fast?

Fine jewelry will last for a lifetime, and always serve to inspire memories of the giver. As such, jewelry exists as the perfect way to mark special moments in a relationship. Unfortunately, it’s a simple fact that the time can come when certain mementoes are no longer welcome in the jewelry box. Because of this, along with the possibility of discomfort associated with expensive gifts given too soon, you should understand not only when it’s appropriate to give jewelry, but how much you can safely spend in relation to the level of commitment. The guide that follows identifies a series of occasions in which the question of jewelry can appear, and whether it’s appropriate to bejewel your partner as a token of affection. As for what type of jewelry to gift, we offer custom design services for:

Valentine’s Day

Even in a new relationship, the expectation exists to celebrate, or at least recognize, Valentine’s Day. If the holiday arrives less than six months from the beginning of your relationship, however, avoid the diamond earrings. Instead, consider a piece of costume jewelry. For subsequent celebrations of the holiday, a simple piece like a locket, diamond studs, or understated necklace makes for the perfect gift.


Birthstone jewelry makes for an ideal birthday gift. Of course, if the birthday occurs too soon in your dating history, offering a genuine pearl necklace to your June-baby partner may inspire discomfort or outright rejection. Because of this, relegate birthstone jewelry to synthetics the first time your partner’s birthday rolls around.


The question of when and how to present someone with an engagement ring is loaded with any number of factors. First of all, ask yourself whether there exists a serious level of commitment. Secondly, make sure you’ve at least discussed the idea of marriage, and met with a positive response. While not every engagement ring needs to arrive at an expected time, you should at least have confidence that your partner has an equitable readiness to settle down.


Christmas often represents the opportunity to really blow someone away with a gift. Most people will receive gifts from numerous sources, after all, and it’s perfectly fine and normal for one present to trump the others. At the same time, dropping several thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry can seem showy and inappropriate at any time in a fresh relationship, even on Christmas. If Christmas arrives within the first six months of your relationship, opt for a simple piece like the aforementioned gold or silver locket, or stud earrings. If after six months, go ahead and splurge on something special. However, don’t spend more than you can afford, as irresponsible spending will always set off alarm bells.


There exist two kinds of anniversaries: those before marriage, and those after. If before, feel free to celebrate the occasion with a nice, but understated piece which falls within a comfortable price-range. Rings which sport a gemstone of your partner’s favorite color make for a nice anniversary gift. Marital anniversaries, on the other hand, present the opportunity for a truly wonderful gift. If you ever want to give your partner something he or she will cherish for a lifetime, your anniversary is the time do it.

New Babies

Though not yet entirely common, the birth of a new child represents an excellent opportunity to offer jewelry as a gift. A wonderfully sentimental selection could involve the new baby’s birthstone, and stands as a gift the new mother could one day pass along to the child.

A nice piece of jewelry, measured to the importance of the gift occasion, will almost always be met with enthusiasm. At the same time, you should always adhere to a few basic guidelines. In the absence of an obvious or established level of commitment, don’t spend too much. You’ll also want to make sure that the gift has either sentimental value and/or appeal to your partner’s personal tastes, and isn’t simply expensive. Along these lines, never spend more than you can afford, and consider the impact of custom-made jewelry. Finally, never give jewelry as an “apology gift”. If you’ve messed up, find other ways to repair your relationship, and never attempt to buy someone’s affection.