How to Wear Silver Jewelry
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Geometric Silver Jewelry Pendant

A Silver Pendant Will Pair Well with a Black or White Dress.

Next to gold, silver is one of the most popular metals used in jewelry. Practically everyone has at least a few silver pieces, whether rings, necklaces, cuffs, or bracelets. Despite the omnipresence of silver jewelry, however, many people do not understand how to wear it correctly. Like any gemstone or metal, silver has unique properties that make it more suitable for some colors than others. To get the most functionality out of your treasured silver pieces, you should bring out its best through proper pairing.

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Tips to Pair Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry’s ubiquity and classic coloration lead many people to believe it can pair with anything. Unfortunately, this is not true. Aside from diamonds, no metal or gemstone can pair universally. To utilize silver properly, you’ll need to pay attention to color, design, and season.


Black represents the classic choice to pair with silver. In an outfit where black dominates, you can wear just about any piece of silver jewelry. Gray and white also look great with silver. Other colors that go well with silver include:

  • Dark Navy
  • Royal Blue
  • Cream
  • Burgundy


One simple guiding principle can help you choose the ideal outfit to pair with silver: keep it simple. Silver jewelry works best with simple designs that do not feature a bunch of colors. If worn with a busy pattern, for example, your silver jewelry will essentially disappear into the background.


All of the colors described above appear frequently in winter color palettes. Your cream sweaters, black dresses, and white scarves will pair well with your silver. This doesn’t mean you need to pack away your silver throughout the summer, though. Here are a few suggestions to wear it well:

  • Avoid Pastels
  • Avoid Overly Bright Colors, and Stick to Sedate Tones
  • Choose Soft Peach, Vanilla Yellow, Ice Pink, or White

At Lisa McConnell Design Studio, we love to work with silver. To get started on your next custom piece, or to set up a time for repairs, give us a call today at 817-732-4440.

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