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Heart-Shaped Necklace as a Valentine Gift.

A Ruby Symbolizes Sensuality and Health, and Makes an Excellent Valentine Gift.

More than any other holiday, Valentine’s Day brings pressure for gifts. You may argue that Christmas wins out through sheer volume. However, Christmas also allows for flexibility. For example, if a wife or girlfriend loves to cook, a nice appliance is perfectly acceptable. Give your wife a blender for Valentine’s, however, and you’re in trouble. A suitable Valentine gift must not only be appealing, but also communicate a very specific thing: romantic love. Of all the different gifts you can buy, jewelry communicates this better than anything else.

The decision to purchase jewelry as a Valentine gift is an easy one. What’s hard, however, is knowing what to buy. There exists a huge variety of jewelry, both in terms of type, materials, era, and style. What’s more, the piece you choose will depend on variables such as personal taste, the age of the relationship, and your budget. All together, this can make jewelry buying seem more complicated than it needs to be. At Lisa McConnell Design Studio, we’re committed to helping people find the perfect piece for that special someone. Continue reading to learn our top tips for how to purchase jewelry as a Valentine gift.

Valentine Gift Stakeout

If you enjoy the sight of your gift recipient — and we hope you do — this first tip is easy. To gain some clues as to what to buy someone, simply look at them. What kind of jewelry do they wear? Perhaps this person likes to stack rings or bracelets. They may prefer delicate chains, or chunky rings. The simple act of everyday observation can reveal a lot about a person’s tastes or preferences. For even more info, you can browse a jewelry collection. This will show you not only pieces for everyday wear, but also the showstoppers that only come out for special occasions.

How to Choose Gemstones

Everyone has color preferences, and many people feel drawn to particular stones. If you know that your beloved does backflips for emeralds, then by all means pursue those. In the case of a Valentine gift, however, the holiday actually simplifies things. If you don’t know gemstone preferences, or simply want to buy something different, you can’t go wrong with rubies and diamonds.

Diamonds, with their lustrous sparkle and deep symbolism, signify love and commitment. There’s a reason, after all, that the vast majority of engagement rings feature diamonds. If you’d prefer something else, rubies are another great choice. The deep red stone represents sensuality, and was once believed to promote good health.

Custom Jewelry for Your Unique Love

The most valuable jewelry is one of a kind. There are many examples of important or singular jewelry pieces around the world that prove this in a monetary sense. Money aside, unique jewelry also has emotional value. Anyone can go into a shopping mall and buy a diamond necklace. However, since this requires zero insight, it shows only that the buyer spent some money. Custom-made pieces, on the other hand, can communicate volumes about your unique love.

If you take the time to design a custom piece of jewelry for a loved one, it shows you’ve been thinking about them. It also will represent a part of you, and, in a figurative sense, means you’ll be beside that person when they wear the gift. If this sounds like your type of Valentine gift, trust your commission to the best. Lisa McConnell is the premier custom jeweler in Fort Worth, TX. From rings and pendants, to necklaces and bracelets, Lisa brings an artistic eye and decades of experience to every project. To learn more, stop by the shop, or give her a call today at 817-732-4440.

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Gold Ring to Illustrate Gold Trends.

Intricare Rings Are One of the Top Gold Trends for 2020.

Curious about gold trends for 2020? If so, we’ve got the info you need. Of all the precious metals, gold has been, for thousands of years, the most popular choice for use in jewelry. There are many reasons for this. Part of the popularity comes from gold’s value. The value of gold has been long established, to the extent that the metal has formed the standard for currency value in many cultures across history. You can attribute this value to gold’s physical characteristics.

For one thing, gold is more ductile and malleable than any other metal. This makes it easy to work into jewelry, and to add the detailing and flourishes of eye-catching pieces. Gold also will practically never corrode, which means it preserves its beauty over decades and even centuries. Gold is also the only metal with its unique color. For the entirety of recorded history, this color and gold’s sheen have been associated with royalty, wealth, the sun, and even the divine. This year stands to be a banner one for the metal. If you want to stay on top of current and upcoming gold trends, then read on.

Gold Trends in Bracelets

Wrist stacks are an excellent choice for adornment. For 2020, gold bracelets will be a popular component of these stacks. Both funky and refined, you can wear a stack of gold bracelets with practically any kind of outfit. As always, go for 14k gold, and distinguish the separate bracelets in your stack through different textures and designs.


As a standard piece of jewelry, gold rings figure prominently in some of life’s most important events, including graduations and marriage. Diamond-cut gold allows for a whole new level of of dimension and intricacy in jewelry. Rings with interesting textures, motifs, and themes are hot for 2020. Also, differences in polish can help distinguish between multiple rings worn at the same time.


Gold hoop earrings can elevate any outfit. No jewelry collection is complete without a few different pairs of these indispensable accents. At the very least, you’ll want to have a couple of different sizes of plain, lightweight hoops. As for the newest trends, hoops set with eye-catching materials like onyx have become very popular, as have hoops with engraved patterns.


Gold necklaces are typically some of the first pieces of jewelry we receive as children. As you mature in adulthood and beyond, this type of jewelry never loses its indispensability. For 2020, you’ll want to wear multiple chains of different styles and lengths. You can also add pendants for an even more layered look. Whether it’s a thick and heavy collar, or a thin and dainty chain, you can’t go wrong with a gold necklace.


Statement earrings are once again on the cutting edge of fashion. That means it’s time to break out the big, dangly gold earrings that turn heads and capture attention. For 2020, earring styles from the 1980s will be big. If you’re the kind of person who holds onto everything, then you’re in luck! Otherwise, you can likely find underpriced 1980s gold jewelry in vintage shops.

At Lisa McConnell Design Studio, we’re the local jeweler of choice for gold trends in Fort Worth, TX. Need the perfect gold piece to supplement your collection? Give us a call today at 817-732-4440.