The Beauty of Birthstones: Part II
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Diamond pendant to show example of birthstone.

April’s birthstone is the diamond.

A piece of birthstone jewelry can prove a wonderful present for a friend or loved one. Jewelry is always a thoughtful gift, but a piece adorned with the correct birthstone shows a special consideration for the recipient. In this article, we’ll continue our series on birthstones with coverage of March and April. Remember, if you ever need high-quality, personalized jewelry that will last a lifetime, reach out to Lisa McConnell Design Studio in Fort Worth, TX at 817-732-4440.

March Birthstones

People born in March get two particularly evocative birthstones. Aquamarine and bloodstone are both associated with this month, and each has its own set of powerful associations. The pale blue aquamarine evokes open skies and calm waters. The bloodstone signifies health and strength. Though different in appearance, each these stones works to protect individual well-being.

Aquamarine comes in a range of colors that reflect the myriad shades of the sea. From a deep greenish-blue, to lighter, more ephemeral shades, it’s easy to see why this stone inspires a feeling of calm. Faceted aquamarine often has zero inclusions, a characteristic that signifies purity of the soul. Bloodstone typically appears dark green, and has striking red specks that signify the “blood” within. This stone is seen to bring strength and health to it wearer.

As for historical associations, ancient mariners once believed that aquamarine would provide safe travel and calm waters. It was also once thought to bring peace in marriage. Along these lines, aquamarine is a traditional gift for the 19th wedding anniversary. Bloodstone is a type of green chalcedony with red specks sprinkled throughout. Some believe that the color pattern present in a piece of bloodstone has religious or spiritual significance. It is believed to increase strength, preserve youth, and even grant powers of invisibility.

April Birthstone

If you were born in April, you’re in luck. Your birthstone is none other than the diamond. Rich in history and significance, diamonds have more lore attached to them than probably any other stone. Diamonds seem to sparkle with an inner fire, a quality that can signify devotion and love. The word “diamond” actually derives from a Greek word that means invincible. This makes a lot of sense when you consider the symbolism and ritual of engagement rings.

Diamonds have long been coveted for their beauty. In India, diamonds were gathered and exchanged as early as the 4th century BC. Supposedly, they ward off the effects of the evil eye, and were believed to cure the effects of poison and protect against plague. People also claim that diamonds provide benefits in terms of longevity, beauty, strength, and happiness. As a universal symbol of love, the diamond carries a range of weighty connotations that no other gemstone can match.

At Lisa McConnell Design Studio, we love the exceptional beauty and curious lore associated with gemstones. Common types of adornment that utilize these stones are pendants and rings. Earrings are another piece of jewelry in which a birthstone can shine.

If you have questions about a custom piece of jewelry, or want to browse our in-store collection, come visit us today. As the leading custom jeweler in Fort Worth, TX, Lisa McConnell crafts unique pieces of uncommon beauty. Give us a call at 817-732-4440 to learn more.

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