The Beauty of Birthstones: Part I
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Amethyst Pendant to Illustrate Jewelry with Birthstones.

This Amethyst Pendant Makes Beautiful Use of February’s Birthstone.

For many, the introduction to the world of gemstones comes from their birthstone. Regardless of age, gender, or religion, people around the world feel drawn to the mystery and lore of their birthstone, along with its supposed attributes and natural beauty. Countless legends and myths abound from different cultures about birthstones. Whether or not you believe in this, learning your birthstone and its qualities is still an enlightening experience.

At Lisa McConnell Design Studio, we can create breathtaking jewelry with any birthstone. Birthstone jewelry makes a perfect gift for practically anyone, male or female. Once you learn about your birthstone — or that of a special someone — give us a call at 817-732-4440. We will gladly discuss your needs, and can forge custom birthstone jewelry that anyone will treasure for a lifetime.

January Birthstone: Garnet

January’s birthstone is the fiery garnet. Though popularly imagined as a bright red, garnets are actually one of the most variable gemstones in the world. The stones come in a vast array of colors, making them perfect for a diverse array of jewelry. You can find find garnets in yellow, orange, purple, and even green. Garnets have long been treasured for their beauty. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore them in necklaces, while the nobility of ancient Rome used garnet signet rings. 

According to Indian lore, garnets help wearers cope with negative feelings like guilt or depression. The stone also brings improved self-confidence and clearheadedness. In terms of health benefits, garnets supposedly help cure inflammatory conditions and lower blood pressure.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

If you were born in February, you’re lucky to have the amethyst as your birthstone. A variety of quartz, amethyst is believed to help those with drinking problems, and can make a person more enterprising. Once upon a time, amethysts were quite rare and expensive, and served as the adornment for kings and queens. That is not the case anymore, as amethysts have become an affordable choice for jewelry. Amethysts can range from a pale lilac to a deep purple, and skilled craftsman can cut the stone into a huge variety of shapes. 

Royals as far back as Alexander the Great have admired amethysts for their vibrant hues. The stones are also believed to convey wit and strength. As adornment, amethysts communicate inner fortitude and empowerment. Amethyst was once chiefly mined in Russia. Today, the most important amethyst mines are in South America, particularly southern Brazil, and Africa.

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At Lisa McConnell Design Studio, we love the exceptional beauty and curious lore associated with gemstones. Common types of adornment that utilize these stones are pendants and rings. Earrings are another piece of jewelry in which a birthstone can shine. If you have questions about a custom piece of jewelry, or want to browse our in-store collection, come visit us today. As the leading custom jeweler in Fort Worth, TX, Lisa McConnell crafts unique pieces of uncommon beauty. Give us a call at 817-732-4440 to learn more.

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