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The Premier Choice in Henderson, TX

A sixth-generation Texan, Lisa McConnell has been a business owner, bench jeweler and designer since 1981. Known for her custom designs and extraordinary repair abilities, Lisa has worked with the largest and finest independent jewelry stores in Texas. Today, Lisa offers individually crafted pieces, custom designs, and collections of limited run from her personal studio.

Lisa’s first foray into business ownership came in 1986, when she opened DWT Jewelers at 3327 Winthrop Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas. Unlike other high-end jewelers, Lisa has cultivated a relaxed atmosphere from day one, and provides customers with the opportunity to shop one-of-a-kind showcase pieces in a welcoming environment free of high-pressure sales tactics.

Lisa Offers Rings of a Quality Unparalleled at Other Jewelry Stores.

Lisa McConnell Design Studio now calls Henderson Texas home. Located just off the square of Henderson’s famed downtown thoroughfare, Lisa does right by her location with pieces that invoke the singular, independent spirit of the Lone Star state. Two of her most popular offerings, the Texas State Seal Collection and the Hereford Collection, celebrate the spirit and industry that suffuse her hometown’s signature identify. “Where the West Begins” could serve also as a motto for Lisa’s custom work, as her use of fine Indian gemstones combines eastern elegance with a southern flair all her own. Overall, Lisa McConnell Design Studio stands as the premier jeweler in Henderson, TX. To learn more, ask questions, or discuss a custom project, do not hesitate to call us today at 817-732-4440.

Jewelry Design and Other Services

Lisa offers a complete range of jeweler services. Regardless of the needed work, every client benefits from Lisa’s expertise and undivided attention. Unlike a large jewelry retailer, Lisa devotes the same level of care to a simple repair as she does in the design of a custom piece. These services are available for a wide variety of different types of jewelry, from engagement rings to cuff links. As a full-service designer and jeweler, Lisa’s expertise and keen eye bring out the finer points of any piece, regardless of its metal, stone, or setting.

Jewelry Services

Cleaning & Repairs: The ultimate goal of every cleaning and repair job is the restoration of a beloved piece of jewelry. At Lisa McConnell Design Studio, we can resize your rings, reset diamonds and other gemstones, replace broken prongs, solder charms and jumprings, and repair broken chains and earrings.

Custom Design: As Lisa’s specialty, custom design work from Lisa McConnell Design Studio results in the creation of heirloom-quality pieces rich in singular beauty. Lisa’s intuition and attunement to a client’s style allow her to capture the spirit of every commission. Whether his and hers engagement rings, or a pair of custom earrings for a special occasion, Lisa’s clients can trust in the ideal expression of their personal aesthetic. Lisa McConnell Design Studio is the clear leader for custom design work.

Watch Repairs: If you have a fine watch, you can count on Lisa’s expertise and care for your repair needs. Services offered include the replacement of batteries along with polishing and cleaning services.

The Quality of Our Designs, Including These Diamond Earrings, Surpass What You Will Find in Other Local Jewelry Stores.

Restring & Pearl Knotting: Lisa works with high-quality silk thread to lend beloved pearls both strength and beauty. Her knotting services are expertly completed to prevent pearls from rubbing against one another, and avert scattering should the string break. When it comes to pearl necklaces, Lisa recommends that you have them restrung on an annual basis.

Engraving: In addition to her custom design work, Lisa’s engraving services offer another way to personalize a piece of jewelry. Lisa can render exceptionally fine detail with the engraving of the interior or exterior of rings, along with watches, cufflinks, lockets, money clips, and more.

In-House Appraisal: Lisa’s in-house appraisal service provides an expert’s reckoning of a jewelry piece’s age and value. Lisa takes into consideration a host of factors, including any serial numbers, manufacturer information, gold karat and platinum percentage, and prong and mounting composition. For diamonds and gemstones, Lisa’s expert eye considers every aesthetic quality, including cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. All appraisal clients can opt for a detailed report, along with a signed statement of the jewelry’s value.

Estate Jewelry Consignment: Lisa McConnell Design Studio offers a carefully curated selection of estate jewelry. All pieces are sold on a consignment basis only.

Types of Jewelry

At Lisa McConnell Design Studio, you can shop available pieces or commission custom work of essentially any type of jewelry imaginable. Known for her bold, singular designs, Lisa can imbue any piece with her trademark vibrant flair. From showstopper statement pieces to simple accent works, the range of possibilities for Lisa’s creations is limited only through your imagination. Stop by the shop today to browse a selection of one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find in other jewelry stores. You can also discuss with Lisa custom design projects for any of the following:

Texas State Seal Cufflinks Offered at One of the Leading Jewelry Stores in Fort Worth, TX.

Showcase Selection and Limited Runs

In addition to custom work, Lisa McConnell Design Studio offers a showcase selection of readymade pieces. Every piece Lisa produces serves as an expression of exquisite design, crafted with materials of an unparalleled quality. Lisa has also created various limited run items, including jewelry that features the state seal of Texas. Give us a call or stop by the shop to inquire about availability.

Contact Us Today

To get in touch with Lisa in regards to any of the services outlined above, call 817-732-4440   to make an appointment, When working on any project, Lisa strikes the perfect balance between expertise and intuition, and gives every client the benefit of her matchless skill and eye for design. If you’d like to drop by and visit Lisa in her studio, she works by appointment only. When it comes to a jeweler in Henderson, TX, choose the local, independent jeweler with peerless designs: Lisa McConnell Design Studio.